The importance of disposing waste properly

How much do you know about disposing your waste properly? Many citizens do not care too much about disposing their waste. Some of these people do not even mind if they live around the wastes. Sometimes, we can’t blame them because of their status in life. They do not have shelter to stay, so they just wander anywhere.

There are even countries with people living in squatter area. They have small houses made of small pieces of wood. You can find them along the shores, under the bridges and along the streets. They do not have a place to dispose their waste, such as not having rubbish bins around.

It is true that poverty is proliferating. But, it must not be a reason for these people not to care about disposing their waste properly. It could have been better if they will also be aware about the importance of disposing these wastes. If they will know how essential it is to properly dispose their waste, then they will surely cooperate.

These people must know that waste may cause them harm and give them sickness when not properly managed. They do not know that waste can destroy the environment, contaminate the water or land and bring pollution, too. These people might not have time to even listen about how important it is to dispose waste properly.

Now, do you understand the reason why the authority or the government do not allow these people to stay in those places? There are rules and regulations regarding proper waste disposal. We have to understand that this is for our good sake. With such kind intention, will you not cooperate?

Why is it important to dispose waste properly?

We should have a clear understanding about waste disposal issues. This is a very important concern that every individual must know. So, we have here the reasons for you to consider.

  • Public Health

The government is finding ways for everybody to have a healthy lifestyle. If we will continue disposing waste improperly, then this will lead to public health risk. It is the job of our government and the people concerned to protect us from possible danger that waste will bring.

When land and water is contaminated, then it will affect even the health of the innocent being. The water won’t be safe for human beings and for animals, too. Nobody would like this to happen.

  • Environmental Health

When land and water is contaminated with hazardous wastes, then it will greatly affect the environment. So, how can we protect the trees, the animals and their habitat? It is our responsibility to keep the environment safe and clean for everybody.

There are also those who are burning hazardous wastes. If this contaminates the air, then it will affect the respiratory system of the people and it may also cause death to animals. In this case, waste with toxic chemicals must be disposed properly to undergo a certain treatment. Thus, keeping the environment safe.

If you will notice, the importance of disposing waste properly is to protect lives. Therefore, it is a must for us to give our full determination in resolving improper waste disposal issues.

Ways on reusing glass bottles

Most of the time, we buy bottled beverages from convenient stores. So, how many empty glass bottles can you collect in a week? What do you do with those empty glass bottles? Have you just disposed them without even thinking of reusing these glass bottles? Do you find it just a waste and must be dumped into your trash cans?

Sometimes, we must also think about how we can reuse wastes. With this, we cannot say that you are just collecting wastes or starting a small junk shop. That is even appreciated because you are just trying your best to reduce waste production.

Are you aware that the rate of waste generated every day is increasing? Will you not worry about that? You must be concerned about this issue because you will also be affected if landfills are already full and has no more space left for more wastes to come. Start showing some care and concern. Do something about the issue by reusing glass bottles.

Waste management
What to do

You do not need to dump every glass bottle that you may still find usable. So, we have here some tips on what you can do with your empty glass bottles.

  • Collect all the empty glass bottles that you have. Segregate the bottles that you may sell to the junk shops. These bottles will be sold to companies to reuse them. They will clean these bottles properly, quarantine, disinfect and fill it again.
  • For the bottles that you may find usable, list down what you want to do with them.
  • Clean it and fill it with liquid condiments. There are those who buy condiments in soft packs. If this pack falls, then you will just make your cabinets or storage messy and may produce bad odor. It would be best to transfer them to clean glass bottles to avoid such accidents.
  • Pretty sure that you love drinking cold beverages. Now, prepare and mix your juice in a big container. To keep it cool, transfer the juice to the clean bottles and keep them refrigerated. With that you may drink any time and feel like you’ve just got it from the convenience store.
  • There are those who prepares herbal medicines to drink. They extract the juice and drink it. You may use the clean bottles to store the extra juice. With that, you can save time from doing the process or steps in preparing your herbal drink.

Those are just a few ways on how you are going to reuse your empty bottles. So, if you have them, then think about its use before dumping them.

Using plastic wastes as a craft material

There are people, who are good at crafting different materials. You will find them with various stuffs. They have such great skills in turning out pieces into a work of Art. If you are someone, who has this kind of skill, then you must be gifted. Actually, not everybody has the passion for this kind of activities. And then, not everybody has an interest in spending time to collect various pieces and turn it out into something new.
What materials do you use for your crafting activities? It is not that easy to collect identical pieces. But, collecting the material would be easier if you are going to use plastic materials. Do you know that you can even get these materials at home? You might be thinking of simply throwing those plastic bottles away. If you do, then you will just generate more wastes at home. Why don’t you help in reducing wastes rather than generating waste? You can do that by using plastic bottles or containers as your materials.

Plastic waste as craft materials

What can I do?

If you are one of those who are new in crafting, then you might find it difficult to think about what work of Art you can do. As a beginner in this activity, we will give you some ideas on how you can come up with simple décors. Those who are already experts in crafting may also try this out.

Flower Vase
We can buy beverages in plastic bottles. Sometimes, these bottles are molded with various sizes and shapes. You may use this plastic bottle as a flower vase. So, first, you have to wash this plastic bottle with detergent. And then, dry the plastic bottle. When it is already clean and dry, cut the upper portion. The height of the vase will depend on how tall you want it. Now, get some paint and decorate your vase.

Pencil Holder
You may have small plastic bottles at home. Do not throw them away. You may use it as a pencil holder. Wash and clean the plastic bottle and then, dry it. Cut the upper part of the plastic bottle. Get some strings just like the ones that you may use for knitting. Cut them into strips. And then, paste or glue it one by one outside the bottle. You may follow a horizontal, diagonal or vertical direction.

Those are just a few things that you may do with your small plastic bottles. So, if you have them at home, then do not throw them away and turn it out into something useful.

How to reuse plastic wastes

When we are talking about wastes, all you can think of is to dump it into the trash can and that’s where it ends. For most people, wastes are useless stuffs. But, you never looked at the positive side of the wastes. Do you know that if wastes has no use, then people will not even buy them in the junk shops.
Are you aware that you may still use your wastes into something productive? If only you can think of being creative, then you will know what to do. Sometimes, you just need to make your wildest imagination to work. Deep in your thoughts, you will find various ways on how to make wastes such as, plastic bottles and metals or aluminum into a decor or a work of art.

Plastic waste

An easy way of using plastic wastes as a material for your work of Art
There are those who are interested in the Arts and uses wastes as a material to come up with a beautiful creation.
You may collect plastic bottles with the same or different sizes, that depends on what you want to use. Before using these plastic bottles, you have to wash them with soap and water. And then, drain the water and dry them to be ready for use.
If you are interested to know how to use plastic bottles into a work of Art, then check out these easy ways to serve as your basis or to give you an idea on what you want to accomplish.

Making a plant or grass

  • All you need to do is to cut the plastic bottle and remove the base part.
  • Paint the plastic bottle with the color that you want.
  • Now cut the bottle into strips and leave a half or an inch of the upper part of the bottle. Make sure not to cut the upper part of the plastic bottle.
  • Bend the strips out so that it will look like a fountain.
  • You may use a glue stick to place your plastic plant.

A plastic grass or plant is just one thing that you may do with plastic bottles. There are still a lot of ways on how you can make a waste useful. So, if you are creative enough, then pretty sure that you can still think of a prettier idea. It would be best to encourage your family and friends to do the same thing. This is not only a way of showing how much you appreciate Art, but also a good way of reducing waste.

Simple ways to recycle plastic and glass containers

Do you have empty plastic or glass containers at home? If you have, then what do you do with them? These containers are still reusable or can still have a purpose. So, you do not need to dump them. If you think those containers are no use to you, then sell them to junk shops near you.

Some people buy stuff in the market without even thinking about reusing or recycling the containers after emptying them. You must be smart when choosing containers. Pick those containers that you may reuse. This is actually one way of reducing waste. If everybody will think like this, then problems regarding waste disposal and management won’t even exist.

How many of you are concerned about proper waste management, anyway? Do you know that this is a serious issue? Look around and see if there are no wastes around. You are lucky, if you are staying in a place with a clean and green environment. But, for those who are staying in a place with much waste, then feel sorry for them.

What to do with reusable containers

Going back to recycling and reusing containers, don’t just keep them. You have to make these containers useful. How would you like to use the containers? Don’t just watch them empty. Don’t let those containers stay in the box. If you can’t think of what to do with them, then let me give you some ideas. We have here some suggestions for you to check out.


Food Storage

Can you finish a pack of food such as cookies, candies, chocolates, biscuits, cereals and chips in one seating? If you can’t, then I suggest you to use an empty container and store your leftover food. Through this, you can minimize ants marching towards your table. It is even a good way to organize foods in the fridge. And then, your empty containers will be very useful. Now, you have no reason to dump those containers in the bin. Actually, you may also use the containers to store home made jams, fermented or processed food and various condiments.


Flower pots or vase

It could have been better if you can start planting at home. You may use the empty plastic containers as your flower pot. First, you need to make small holes at the bottom. And then, you add some soil, followed by the seeds. If you wish to use the container indoors, then use its cover to serve as its plate. In such way, water won’t flow inside the house.

It would be nice to have a flower vase on the table. Why don’t you use the glass containers as your vase. If you would like to decorate the vase, then prepare your materials and start crafting. If you have flowers in the garden, then start picking up and fill in your vase. Your home will surely look so lovely with those flowers in the vase. When someone asks you why your using such vase, all you need to do is to ignore the question and encourage them to do the same thing.