How to reuse plastic wastes

When we are talking about wastes, all you can think of is to dump it into the trash can and that’s where it ends. For most people, wastes are useless stuffs. But, you never looked at the positive side of the wastes. Do you know that if wastes has no use, then people will not even buy them in the junk shops.
Are you aware that you may still use your wastes into something productive? If only you can think of being creative, then you will know what to do. Sometimes, you just need to make your wildest imagination to work. Deep in your thoughts, you will find various ways on how to make wastes such as, plastic bottles and metals or aluminum into a decor or a work of art.

Plastic waste

An easy way of using plastic wastes as a material for your work of Art
There are those who are interested in the Arts and uses wastes as a material to come up with a beautiful creation.
You may collect plastic bottles with the same or different sizes, that depends on what you want to use. Before using these plastic bottles, you have to wash them with soap and water. And then, drain the water and dry them to be ready for use.
If you are interested to know how to use plastic bottles into a work of Art, then check out these easy ways to serve as your basis or to give you an idea on what you want to accomplish.

Making a plant or grass

  • All you need to do is to cut the plastic bottle and remove the base part.
  • Paint the plastic bottle with the color that you want.
  • Now cut the bottle into strips and leave a half or an inch of the upper part of the bottle. Make sure not to cut the upper part of the plastic bottle.
  • Bend the strips out so that it will look like a fountain.
  • You may use a glue stick to place your plastic plant.

A plastic grass or plant is just one thing that you may do with plastic bottles. There are still a lot of ways on how you can make a waste useful. So, if you are creative enough, then pretty sure that you can still think of a prettier idea. It would be best to encourage your family and friends to do the same thing. This is not only a way of showing how much you appreciate Art, but also a good way of reducing waste.

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