Publication Rules

The Nicholson Supplies blog is a website blog for publishing original contents from citizens, who is concerned with various waste management problems and finding solutions to these issues. We allow all original articles only and prohibits copying from other writers.

The contents of the blog are owned by the Nicholson Supplies team and so, we have all the rights of the said articles. People, who would like to use the contents of our blog is allowed only if we are credited for using it and permission asked.

Waste management topics, such as recycling, reusing and composting are topics that are mostly discussed in the site. Posted topics in the blog are all screened and verified by the editorial board to make sure that no single article is copied.

All contributors in our website blog are given credit for their work. Being a certified contributor, you are given the full right to use and distribute your article. That would be a great advantage for contributors because we are not buying your contribution. Instead, we are encouraging you to take part and participate in our publication.

This website blog is owned by private teams, who were formed because of the goal in eliminating waste disposal issues.