Simple ways to recycle plastic and glass containers

Do you have empty plastic or glass containers at home? If you have, then what do you do with them? These containers are still reusable or can still have a purpose. So, you do not need to dump them. If you think those containers are no use to you, then sell them to junk shops near you.

Some people buy stuff in the market without even thinking about reusing or recycling the containers after emptying them. You must be smart when choosing containers. Pick those containers that you may reuse. This is actually one way of reducing waste. If everybody will think like this, then problems regarding waste disposal and management won’t even exist.

How many of you are concerned about proper waste management, anyway? Do you know that this is a serious issue? Look around and see if there are no wastes around. You are lucky, if you are staying in a place with a clean and green environment. But, for those who are staying in a place with much waste, then feel sorry for them.

What to do with reusable containers

Going back to recycling and reusing containers, don’t just keep them. You have to make these containers useful. How would you like to use the containers? Don’t just watch them empty. Don’t let those containers stay in the box. If you can’t think of what to do with them, then let me give you some ideas. We have here some suggestions for you to check out.


Food Storage

Can you finish a pack of food such as cookies, candies, chocolates, biscuits, cereals and chips in one seating? If you can’t, then I suggest you to use an empty container and store your leftover food. Through this, you can minimize ants marching towards your table. It is even a good way to organize foods in the fridge. And then, your empty containers will be very useful. Now, you have no reason to dump those containers in the bin. Actually, you may also use the containers to store home made jams, fermented or processed food and various condiments.


Flower pots or vase

It could have been better if you can start planting at home. You may use the empty plastic containers as your flower pot. First, you need to make small holes at the bottom. And then, you add some soil, followed by the seeds. If you wish to use the container indoors, then use its cover to serve as its plate. In such way, water won’t flow inside the house.

It would be nice to have a flower vase on the table. Why don’t you use the glass containers as your vase. If you would like to decorate the vase, then prepare your materials and start crafting. If you have flowers in the garden, then start picking up and fill in your vase. Your home will surely look so lovely with those flowers in the vase. When someone asks you why your using such vase, all you need to do is to ignore the question and encourage them to do the same thing.


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