Using plastic wastes as a craft material

There are people, who are good at crafting different materials. You will find them with various stuffs. They have such great skills in turning out pieces into a work of Art. If you are someone, who has this kind of skill, then you must be gifted. Actually, not everybody has the passion for this kind of activities. And then, not everybody has an interest in spending time to collect various pieces and turn it out into something new.
What materials do you use for your crafting activities? It is not that easy to collect identical pieces. But, collecting the material would be easier if you are going to use plastic materials. Do you know that you can even get these materials at home? You might be thinking of simply throwing those plastic bottles away. If you do, then you will just generate more wastes at home. Why don’t you help in reducing wastes rather than generating waste? You can do that by using plastic bottles or containers as your materials.

Plastic waste as craft materials

What can I do?

If you are one of those who are new in crafting, then you might find it difficult to think about what work of Art you can do. As a beginner in this activity, we will give you some ideas on how you can come up with simple décors. Those who are already experts in crafting may also try this out.

Flower Vase
We can buy beverages in plastic bottles. Sometimes, these bottles are molded with various sizes and shapes. You may use this plastic bottle as a flower vase. So, first, you have to wash this plastic bottle with detergent. And then, dry the plastic bottle. When it is already clean and dry, cut the upper portion. The height of the vase will depend on how tall you want it. Now, get some paint and decorate your vase.

Pencil Holder
You may have small plastic bottles at home. Do not throw them away. You may use it as a pencil holder. Wash and clean the plastic bottle and then, dry it. Cut the upper part of the plastic bottle. Get some strings just like the ones that you may use for knitting. Cut them into strips. And then, paste or glue it one by one outside the bottle. You may follow a horizontal, diagonal or vertical direction.

Those are just a few things that you may do with your small plastic bottles. So, if you have them at home, then do not throw them away and turn it out into something useful.

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