Ways on reusing glass bottles

Most of the time, we buy bottled beverages from convenient stores. So, how many empty glass bottles can you collect in a week? What do you do with those empty glass bottles? Have you just disposed them without even thinking of reusing these glass bottles? Do you find it just a waste and must be dumped into your trash cans?

Sometimes, we must also think about how we can reuse wastes. With this, we cannot say that you are just collecting wastes or starting a small junk shop. That is even appreciated because you are just trying your best to reduce waste production.

Are you aware that the rate of waste generated every day is increasing? Will you not worry about that? You must be concerned about this issue because you will also be affected if landfills are already full and has no more space left for more wastes to come. Start showing some care and concern. Do something about the issue by reusing glass bottles.

Waste management
What to do

You do not need to dump every glass bottle that you may still find usable. So, we have here some tips on what you can do with your empty glass bottles.

  • Collect all the empty glass bottles that you have. Segregate the bottles that you may sell to the junk shops. These bottles will be sold to companies to reuse them. They will clean these bottles properly, quarantine, disinfect and fill it again.
  • For the bottles that you may find usable, list down what you want to do with them.
  • Clean it and fill it with liquid condiments. There are those who buy condiments in soft packs. If this pack falls, then you will just make your cabinets or storage messy and may produce bad odor. It would be best to transfer them to clean glass bottles to avoid such accidents.
  • Pretty sure that you love drinking cold beverages. Now, prepare and mix your juice in a big container. To keep it cool, transfer the juice to the clean bottles and keep them refrigerated. With that you may drink any time and feel like you’ve just got it from the convenience store.
  • There are those who prepares herbal medicines to drink. They extract the juice and drink it. You may use the clean bottles to store the extra juice. With that, you can save time from doing the process or steps in preparing your herbal drink.

Those are just a few ways on how you are going to reuse your empty bottles. So, if you have them, then think about its use before dumping them.

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