Who are we?

The Nicholson Supplies Blog is a website blog for everybody, who would like to know information, tips, ideas and ways of reusing and recycling materials. The website blog aims to share various practices of waste management that may turn out as a hobby.

We have individual contributors, who are coming from different countries with different opinions and suggestions, but, we all have a common goal. That is for our readers to be aware that wastes or junks can still be useful. Here, you can read simple ways on how your plastic containers, glass bottles, paper, metal and aluminum can be reused or recycled. We also share tips on how you are going to turn your kitchen food scrap into a fertilizer.

Not only that, the Nicholson Supplies Blog also provides information regarding your waste disposal and how you can reduce it.

If you can visit our blog, you will notice that we have so much to share regarding waste management. That is actually what we would like every reader to know. We might not be an expert or a professional, but, we are concerned citizens, who are aware about various waste management and waste disposal issues.


Through our website blog, we can encourage readers to start reusing and recycling their waste. If this happens, then we would be very happy for the website’s success.